What are students saying about the contest?

“I really enjoyed the experience of Wisconsin YES. It was fun coming up with the idea of a product, but it was also interesting to get into the mindset of an entrepreneur. I learned that there is much more to a business plan than just the product and that was exciting to work through… It was a great learning experience that I really benefitted from.”
– Sara Linderman, Pilgrim Park Middle School student

As the 2013 Grand Prize winner, Sara Linderman presented her winning idea during the 2013 Wisconsin Entrepreneurs’ Conference on June 5 in Middleton.


Additional feedback from students:

“The contest gave us an opportunity to be creative and independent.”

“I learned that being an entrepreneur could really be a career choice for me.”

“I gained the know-how to develop my own ideas into business models that stand a chance of succeeding.”


What are teachers saying about the contest?

The Wisconsin YES business plan contest is a unique opportunity to connect the classroom with the world of business. My students loved this contest!”
– Barb Wood, Pilgrim Park Middle School teacher

Barb Wood of Pilgrim Park Middle School was the recipient of the 2013 Wisconsin YES “Gold Star Teacher” Award for her extraordinary efforts in involving and coaching students throughout the Wisconsin YES contest process.